Tuesday, October 26, 2010


OMG.  I AM SO SORE.  Like...insanely sore.  My body is so stiff. It sucks, but I know that this is a good thing.  My knees are all bruised, my legs hurt to even sit on the toilet. and my shoulders are feeling rank. I slept until 10am, which was awesome, Phil worked late shift, and our kids seem to be sleeping in lately, which is a good thing.  It took me like 20 minutes to get out of bed.  Urghh.  I LOVE OUR NEW BED.  Brand new posterpedic thingy, with new crisp bedding, nice new cotton sheets and a duvet.  Urgh, it's like sleeping in a warm cloud.  Sleep is like my favorite thing, especially besides my honey.  Normally he annoys me during his sleep (and mine).  He's one of them sleepers that slops, snores, talks, laughs, twitches.  Even thinking about it irks me.  Haha, when I was pregnant I would like yell at him all the time because ANYTHING and EVERYTHING would wake me up.  I feel bad for sleeping in cause I had planned to take my kids to this play thingy, Nashoba knew I was going to be taking them, but I slept in and had a slow go this morning.  I feel horrible, so I will have to make it up to him some how today. :0(    OUCH.  Well, I am off to do a bit of cardio, and get some CORE STRENGTHENING while I can.  


Then training tonight again...

Ohhh..and I am so excited, my first Mark order comes in this afternoon.   SAAAWWEEET!

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