Friday, November 12, 2010


So I recorded a HAUL November 10, the same day I got most of my stuff, minus a few of the Mark cosmetic purchases, but I didn't put any of my information here on my blog, which I have intended on doing. And I will post the link right here:

I did it purposely, I did not want to blog, or really do any status updating for Remembrance Day.  I wanted to leave the day for all the veterans and ones who have served or are serving our countries.

I am not going to go into ALL the details, because you can see the video, I am so tired and don't know if I can complete this BLOG.

Ok to start off.  I have been DYING to try some of the Mark cosmetics, but never really ordered any.  A girl I know sells Avon and Mark so I put in an order.  I finally got the order, and am REALLY happy with what I have tried so far.  This is what I got.

I have a lot of makeup, but I wanted to start collecting more blushes, so I ordered the, "Mark Just Pinched Blush tint"  I picked up two of them.  I picked the one in Cheeky, and Berry.
 $7.oo each I picked, Cheeky and Berry.  You can also use them on your lips, and they give a nice sheer color.                 

I also ordered two of the NO PLACE TO RUN, LONGWEAR EYELINERS, that I wore for rememberance day, I paired both colors.  GrassRoots and UltraViolet. They were  $7.00 each as well.

The last item I ordered from mark, was the shimmey shoulders top.  I don't think I am happy with the price of the shirt, and I think I could of ordered the large.  I got it in medium, but the material isn't as stretchy as I assumed it would be.  The website said the shirt was 28 dollars, but I was charged forty dollars..!?!?

I LOVE FALL.  I love layering, I just think Fall Fashion is amazing.  It's always been my favorite season.  This season, Kim Kardashian, who is my FAVORITE celebrity style icon has donned a few of these capes this season and I picked one up at walmart in a gray neutral tone, with a turtle neck top.  It is so comfy, it dresses up and dresses down beautifully.  And it's a plus, because they are so COMFY.

This isn't the identical one I picked up but if you watch my videos on youtube, you can see it.  Twelve dollars isn't bad.

Kim Kardashian in a camel cape.                                         

I picked up a few basics, which are on my youtube video as well, but I found a sale, and grabbed a basic black winter jacket.  Some accessories, and also some tressemme body boosting spray.  :0)

I wish I could write more, but I need to get off to bed.  :0)