Wednesday, October 26, 2011

FOTD: Bronze Eyes


I have so much fun trying all the different trends and adding my own Dee-licious flavor to them.  From the clothes, the shoes, the hair styles and cuts I am so down for fall trends, especially when it comes to makeup.

 I was surfing some beauty sites, and of course looking through the magazines and was seeing a lot of bronzed, coppery and burgundy eye colors. Some of the looks were paired with a bright eyeliner with an aqua in the water line, other looks had different variations of copper or bronze smokey eyes, and others just kept it pretty simple with one shade all over the lid which is what I did for my look.

   Today we went to a feast at the Indian Friendship Center.  (I am native)  They were holding a feast for the change of season.  I wanted to keep my look pretty soft and feminine, almost natural but with that bright bronzed look.  I used my "Vasanti Tinseltown Eyeshadow Palette"

I'm not the greatest at getting swatches or good photos in lighting but I will learn. 
This was the shade I chose to use today.
Just the way the light captured the color withing my crease and water line, it didn't appear that this was a one shade eyeshadow look which I loved.

I also tight lined my upper and lower waterline with a black liner to really make my eye color pop.

If you have have questions about any other products I used, please comment below.  I would love to answer any questions or take any suggestions or requests!!  

Monday, October 24, 2011

On Trend: I got banged!

I totally needed a haircut.  I have pretty long hair, and by no means am I ready to cut it.  I see it almost as a security blanket but can admit that it can get kind of boring, and leaves me at times stuck in a hair rut.  I am always looking for what is on trend, this fall in hair trends are the bangs.  A lot of the banged looks have been paired with longer hair, a shorter crop or even the ever long lived bob.   Personally I think that the bang/fringe looks best with long hair.  It just adds that something extra without trying to hard.  I am pretty lucky that I have an oval face and can pretty much do any kind of bang and or part.  I don't think I would ever fully go blunt.  But I definitely will do the fringe and the bang. 

A few ways to wear the bang this season are as suggested.  

  • with a messy bohemian, grungy edge
  • with a taste of '60s sex kitten, but not too pin-up (think Francoise Hardy or Jane Birkin)
  • straight and sleek; elegant but still natural
 When my bangs get longer I definately going to wear the bang with a centre part and a small wave to the rest of my hair.  :0)  So what about you?  Do you plan on getting banged?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Eatz&Treatz: Homemade Kettle Corn

While my mom was here helping with the arrival of our new baby daughter, Nova-Anne, she would do the grocery shopping, and had brought home this insane yummy snack Kettle Corn.   We munched out on two bags two days in a row.   The treat is so tasty and sweet.  There is just something about the crunch and the mixture of sweet and salty that I can not resist. 

My husband being a cook was inspired to try making his own.  Here is how he made the delicious yummy goodness.

You will need:  

pot with handles and a cover
1/2 cup Canola oil
1 cup un popped corn kernels
1/2 cup sugar
salt to taste

1. Put the oil in a pot and heat to medium high.

3. Add kernels. Make sure they are spread out in one thin layer, and add the sugar.(some people prefer cane sugar or brown sugar)

4. Cover and let pop, as it's popping start shaking the covered pot around to let the kernels shake around so that the kernels can get to the bottom where it's hot,and so you don't burn your popcorn. 

5. Continue shaking the covered pot around on the stove.

7. When the popping has slowed down, remove the pot from heat, add salt to your desired taste and let it cool.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Face Of The Day: Electric Blue Eyes

 I love splashes of colour, whether it be in home deco, art, clothing, and most of all makeup!!  :0)  Today I really wanted the OOMPH, the notice me eyes, so I thought why not.  Mmmhmm.  I dared to go there. 

I recently purchased some Marcelle Lux Eye Dust in Supersonic and Ocean, and two eyeliners that match the pigments. I had yet to wear the colors, so I chose to use Supersonic, which is this crazy intense pigmented shimmery electric, cobalt blue color.  LOVE IT!!!! I used NYX Jumbo eyeshadow pencil as a base in Purple on my lid and the jumbo pencil in Milk on my brow bone.  I used a highlight color from my "Coastal Scents 88" palette over top of Milk.  I used "Supersonic" only on my lid and applied in a patting motion. I didn't need to build the color up at all, and as you can see in my pictures, the payoff is AMAZING.  With the excess product on my brush I blended the color into my crease, and was careful not to go higher than my brow bone.  I then lined my eyes with the Marcelle Eyeliner, Electric blue. I tight lined the top and bottom lashes with the same eyeliner, curled my lashes, and finished off with my "Lights Camera Lashes" mascara from Tarte.

 As I was using a darker pigment and didn't want to deal with messy fall out, I applied my foundation, "Maybelline Dream Mousse" wet with a stippling brush, and used "Bo-Ing" for concealer, after I did my eyeshadow.  On my cheeks I used "Pin-Up" by Hardcandy and really focused using the color on the apples of my cheeks.  With the excess product remaining I blended up OVER my cheek bones and into my hair line. 
Add caption

 On my lips I used me "EOS" lip balm, the red one.  I don't know the name of that one, and over top of that, I used my "Dior Lip Glow"  I topped that off with "Nars LipGloss in Orgasm"

I just started blogging again, and forgot how to place the pictures.  But bare with me. I will get the hang of it.  Hope you enjoyed my FOTD with the mini tutorial. Stay tuned for more posts!  Ciao!!  oxoxoxox <3  Thanks for reading!!! :0)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Face Of The Day: Bold Lips, Playing with Liner

Bold lips have been seen around the Fall Fashion Runways.  For my makeup look today, I decided to switch it up and keep a pretty simple eye by only using a primer and a black liner.  I decided to switch it up by winging out my bottom lash line as well.  On my face I kept the foundation matte, and used a deeper toned blush.  My lips I used a bold color which I think could possibly be one of my favorite colors this fall.  So what you think?

My daughter has turned two weeks old today.  I have been MIA for a LONG time but am getting into blogging again.  Please stay tuned for more posts, and looks.

Face Of The Day (FOTD):


Cargo Blu_Ray HighDef Makeup in 30

Hardcandy's Glamaflouge in Medium

Benfits Boxed Blush in Dallas


Maybelline Line Stiletto

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Benefits Bad Gal Lash


Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in #335 Embrace