Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's One of Them Nights Where I need...

I've just been having them days.  Past few of them actually.  Call it PMS, call it being unsatisfied with life.  Call it just plain out being a miserable witch.  Call it what you will...I HAVE BEEN HAVING THEM.  I am actually starting to feel better today. And no it wasn't the four new eyeshadow pallettes that arrived in the mail today(will blog about later) that made me feel better.  Who knows.  Maybe I will call it an adjustment period.  I am pretty lonely.  It's only now this past year I have actually started to make friends.  Last year I was on bed rest and sick pretty much my whole pregnancy with our daughter Niyana.  I don't know a TON of people out here I can call good friends whom I see on a regualr basis.  I am just starting to get to know them.  I can be a little standoffish, a little timid when meeting people and figuring out who I want in my life.  But that's my choice. I think everyone should be picky about the characters of people who they let into their lives, especially if you have children.  Anyways point of my blog, is that tonight is my FEEL GOOD NIGHT. 

No you perves.  NOT a "FEEL GOOD NIGHT" but a feel good night.  Ya know, things to make you feel good. 

I am so happy that my kids are on a schedule and by 8:00pm they are in bed.  That meant my Philip and I were able to have a cuddle, and he was off to start his winding down for the night, and I was able to start mine. 

I had the HOTTEST shower possible, I washed my hair with the thickest lather, and conditioned my hair until the water ran cool.  Now doing this is a LUXURY for me because if you have kids, you know that sometimes, showers are a 5 minute thing, if that. I dried off, put on some body lotion, towel dried my hair and found some cute pajamas.  I love cute pajamas.  I LOVE looking cute at all times.  It is A MUST.  I have a drawer full of cute jammies and nighties.  Don't get me wrong, there are them days and nights where I will lounge in one of Phils shirts, jerseys or just something comfy of mine, I have a few of them, but in my opinion, there is nothing cuter than being all clean and fresh even to go to bed.  I want Phil to fall asleep and wake up to his BEAUTY.  I threw on my big ole white fluffy slippers (the hardwood is kinda cool and I don't want to get rough feet) and I grabbed my facial mask.  OMG MY FACIAL MASK!  I LOVE THIS THING!!!  I SWEAR.  IF ANY OF YOU DO NOT HAVE A FACIAL MASK...GO OUT AND BY ONE!!!  SERIOUSLY!  You should at least use a facial mask once a week, if you can...twice.  This is the one I use...I found it at Zellers.  It's from all organic ingredients and it makes me skin feel oh so good and healthy. I think skin care is so important, especially if you are my age.  I'm 26.  I want to keep my skin healthy and take preventative measures so when I am in my thirties or mid thirties I don't look like a leather face.  You leave this skin mask on for 20 minutes, and use warm water to wipe it off, and your skin feels and looks RADIANT.  I know I sound like a commercial, but this stuff is awesome.  I used to use the Proactive Refining Mask, but it had that sulfate stuff in it, and it STUNK.  Like rank bad.  Also it dried my skin out a bit.  After I use this stuff my skin feels so tight and firm....and did I say SO SO SOFT.  There's nothing better then feeling your face and KNOWING for sure that its soft like a babies bottom.  Mmmhmm..and MEN LOVE SMOOTH SKIN.  I know mine does.  :0)  

OK, so as I am writing this, I am also enjoying a cup of decaffeinated Green Tea(I drink a few cups of green tea daily, as its good in weight loss, and full of antioxidants)  in my pretty teacup, and just waiting for JERSEY SHORE as it's Thursday.  Yupp, I am a sucker, kinda brings me back to my Toronto Clubbing days.  LOL....Anyways, even if this little me time bored sure as hell made me feel good.

  Here is a link to the facial mask I swear by....

I hope y'all have a good night..

Dee's Outtie!!!

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